Manufacturing Solutions

Turnkey Projects - China Direct group team is able to construct projects from design stage to manufacturing, turning it over to our customers at ready for retail level.

CDG is specialization production technologies:
  • Plastic injection molds (multi cavity, hot runner system, unscrewing, IML…)
  • Plastic injection (clean room, IML, insert molding, over molding)
  • Secondary operation (painting, plating, printing)
  • Die casting of zinc, aluminum
  • Extrusion of Aluminum, plastic, silicone
  • Machining by CNC, automatic lathe
  • Prototype (SLA, SLS, machining, silicone mold, RIM)
  • Die Punches, progressive die punches
  • Compression molding (Rubber & silicone)
  • Sand casting
  • PIM, MIM & CIM (metal & ceramic molding)
  • Precision Milling and Processing
  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Aluminium Die-Casting
  • Loess Foam Casting
  • Powder Metal Technology
  • Stamping and Punching

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